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Kickstarter – Uncommonly Good: Stories of life, food and the birth of Good Commons

Link: Kickstarter – Uncommonly Good: Stories of life, food and the birth of Good Commons

Last year I went to Good Commons on a Yoga Retreat with Ashley Turner and I fell in LOVE with it. I can’t wait to enjoy the Uncommonly Good: Stories of life, food and the birth of Good Commons at home. 

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Mean Girls

I came home last night to Mean Girls on TV, a total chick flick and guilty pleasure. I had planned on doing more work, but my day was already going on 12 hours so I laid in bed next to my boyfriend and decided to just watch. The funny thing is that today I am relating some of the things in my life to that movie and I find the ending of it really stuck with me and had a good lesson to tell. In a nutshell you won’t be able to learn or succeed in life if you are focusing on the small, petty things. So who cares what top the yoga instructor is wearing, that won’t help you be more mindful or present. There are so many distractions in life that are so much easier to listen to than what is at hand. My most recent obsession that is distracting me is the new iphone. I dropped my current iphone on Friday (for the 100th time) and the entire face of it cracked. I was surprisingly calm about it, and didn’t let it bother me – especially because now I have an excuse to buy the newest version of iphone. However, on Friday I didn’t know when it would be coming out. Rather than bore you with the mundane thoughts that occupied my mind over the weekend, but to sum it up I found I researched every which way I could find out when I could get the new iphone. The amount of brainpower that was exhausted by that is silly and it was a waste of time. Like Cady finally realized at the end of Mean Girls, she wouldn’t be able to succeed if she was worried about her opponent’s horrid outfit. For me I realized I wouldn’t be able to learn from my teachers in my workshops if I was itching to see what the latest news was on the iphone. This is something we all do and it is harmless (well not in the Mean Girls movie), but it is a waste of our minds. Can you think of a time when you were preoccupied by the latest technology, another student’s yoga clothes or the instructors voice or outfit? Ask yourself next time you catch yourself doing that what benefit it provides you.