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11 things to try in 2011

Here are 11 things to try out in 2011. They are in no particular order. Try 1 or all 11 and see what lightness you can bring into your life in the new year!

1. Yoga + Wine in Tuscany

2. Yoga Therapy Sessions

3. Private Yoga Classes

4. Walking 20 min a day

5. 5 min meditation in morning and evening

6. Practicing patience with the one person you can’t stand

7. Taking a few deep breaths before sending an email, text, or phone call. What is your intention for communication and does it represent your true self?

8. Yoga + Yarn

9. Start reading the Yoga Sutras

10. Practice graditude daily. Write or think of 5 things you are greatful for.

11. SMILE!


What’s the rush?

The last day of the year is upon us! Only a few more hours of 2010 to reflect on the past year and look ahead to 2011. I have been taking time over the past month to look back on the year to see what went well, and what went not so well. I wanted to use this time of reflection as a way to help write the last newsletter of 2010. As I was going through this process I began to repeat a new mantra daily: What’s the rush?

Early in December the theme of my classes was the practice of patience. I was finding that as the end of the year came closer the sense of urgency increased in my friends, students, family, and the mass of strangers running all over New York City. When teaching the practice of patience I could feel the tension my students were holding begin to evaporate. Though the tension may have left only for a little while, they were beginning to see how patience can bring greater ease on the yoga mat and ultimately use that practice outside of the yoga studio.

With the winter blizzard changing holiday plans it is apparent that practicing patience and realizing that there is no rush can offer greater ease in these uncertain times. So before diving into the new year without taking a moment to pause or breathe, I invite you to explore your past year and the year ahead.

Try to complete this practice before or during sunset tonight. Allow the slow, serene beauty of nature to guide you in your presence and patience during this practice. Set yourself up outside or near a window at a desk or a comfortable seated position on the floor. Have a notebook, pen, and timer.

Take 10 minutes to look back on 2010. What are the 10 greatest things of the year and what are the 10 things you would like to improve on in the new year?

Now take 11 minutes to set your intention for 2011. Remember, what is the rush? Take your time as you look at your future and how you want shape your world for the next 12 calendar months.

May we all live light, because everything is already okay.

Om Shanti,




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