Monthly Archives: August 2011

Let it Hang

The name is much dirtier than the actual practice! This short video is for those looking to open up the backs of the ankles and legs, while letting your torso ‘hang’. At times this posture can feel like there is a lot of action in the backs of your legs and as you let your spine lengthen you can enjoy the gentle expansion of the backs of the legs.

Suggested props: 1 blanket, 2 blocks


Flexible Mind. Flexible Body.

Explore yoga from the perspective of a flexible mind. Being open to challenging inversions while being compassionate towards yourself and having fun! This is an advanced practice and previous experience with bakasana and sirsasana 2 are recommended before beginning this video.

Suggested Props: 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 1 strap

Heart Chakra Meditation

This is a heart chakra meditation. Through the concentration on the heart we will be begin to shed the layers built up around the heart to clear space for the lightest and brightest you to shine through.

Suggested props: a blanket or chair to sit up on for stability and comfort during the meditation.


One of the joys of travel is experiencing new yoga communities. It is an opportunity to get a new perspective on yoga, from experiencing the style of different teachers, seeing how some studios may be one small room or an entire wellness center, enjoying organic juices, and sharing yoga with friends.

While I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico I went to the Body studio. I was amazed by the size of it! It offers everything you can want at a wellness center – an organic cafe, spa, yoga studio, fitness center, boutique, and kids play area.

When I first walked in I was surprised, I never expected such a large store to be the entrance of the yoga studio. It was almost overwhelming and a little distracting to have all of those beautiful clothes in front of me before class. Although I was very tempted, I didn’t buy anything. Well, I did buy a juice on my way out, and it was delicious!

The yoga room felt like a big gymnasium. Each yogi had plenty of space to move around, and especially since it was a midday class there was room to stretch. The yoga instructor was kind, quiet, and genuine. It was a hatha yoga class, gentle, and just what I needed as I was getting used to the high elevation (8,000 ft above sea level).

I look forward to going back to Body when I take my next trip out to Santa Fe. Hopefully next time I will be able to enjoy more of the studio, the cafe, spa, and boutique!