Monthly Archives: September 2011

This is a heart chakra meditation. Through the concentration on the heart we will be begin to shed the layers built up around the heart to clear space for the lightest and brightest you to shine through.

Suggested props: a blanket or chair to sit up on for stability and comfort during the meditation.

The first step to being present is focusing on the breath. This video teaches a simple exercise in noticing the breath. By counting the length of your inhales and exhales you begin to bring your breath into balance, which ultimately calms the mind.

Explore yoga from the perspective of a flexible mind. Being open to challenging inversions while being compassionate towards yourself and having fun! This is an advanced practice and previous experience with bakasana and sirsasana 2 are recommended before beginning this video.

Suggested Props: 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 1 strap

Having a morning practice can shape your day. It allows you to release the grogginess of sleep and open your body, mind, and breath to the new day. Before you have food, coffee, tea, or whatever your morning sustenance is open your mat and practice.

This 10 minute gentle asana practice helps you to begin your day by stretching your body and awakening your mind. Trying this just a few days in a row you will notice how much brighter your days feel.