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Spring Cleaning








Although the weather in NYC has tricked us and is back to chilling winter days – the sun is still shining and spring is around the corner. In anticipation of the fresh start of a new season I’ve slowly begun my spring cleaning. As I make my way through the apartment I discover memories from different times in my life. Stopping every so often so I can enjoy the photos, letters, and other nostalgic items.

At first spring cleaning felt overwhelming, but now as I pick small sections of my apartment at a time I feel as though it is a nice time of reflection on my own. Organizing my outer life is allowing my internal self to organize as well. After coming back from the yoga retreat in Bali I found my mind a little clouded. Now as I clear away the clutter I am able to clear away the clutter in my thoughts as well.

A refreshing task I have myself doing is getting rid of things that are no longer necessary – old clothes, chipped or broken dishes, extra copies of statements, etc. Letting go of some things are more challenging than others. At times I convince my self that I will wear the clothes again, but in reality if I haven’t put it on the past two years there is not need to keep it in my closet.

Live Light Practice:

Take 20 min in your closet and pick out at least 3 items that you have worn in the past year or two. Take the items and donate them to a local charity.



New perspective













After traveling outside of NYC, no matter if it is to NJ, AZ, or Bali I always come back feeling refreshed and with a new perspective. The loving and slow paced culture of Bali is inspiring to the soul. Endless ceremonies, a plethora of temples, and watching the Balinese people living their spirituality daily reminded me to weave my practices into every aspect of my life.

When at home I can get caught up in the demand and fast paced life of NYC. I found myself at dinner the other night getting annoyed with the slow service. Then I paused for a moment and realized that if I was in Bali I would be fine with it. So I began to ask myself why was I rushing my meal? Is there a different way I can look at this situation? Rather than trying to make everything happen faster I decided to enjoy the down time, and allow the meal to go at it’s own pace.

At times taking a step back can offer a new perspective. It allows for peace in the moment instead of wishing things to be different. We begin to acknowledge the beauty of life right now.

Live Light Practice:

Look at your life in a new way. Maybe play with some inversions, take a different route to work, walk rather than taking the subway. Keep your eyes and mind open to life unfolding around you.


New Live Light Thought Pattern

I choose to see life clearly and my happiness begins inside me.


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