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Meditation 101

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ashley Turner about how to start meditating and her amazing Meditation 101 Conference that is coming up on April 21st. Watch the video to learn more about meditation and the upcoming event.


Join the live streaming video conference from APRIL 21 – 25.

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Post Yoga Glow












I was blessed to have spent a week in Costa Rica with Amanda and MC Yogi. It was an inspirational week that left me wanting to keep the blissful feeling going once I got home.

After a yoga class or a week long yoga retreat one of the hardest things is keeping the blissful feeling going. Here are a few live light practices to keep you in your post yoga glow.

1. Smile at everyone – smiling will not only put you in a good mood, but will inspire others to smile as well.

2. Free your feet! – walk barefoot, wiggle your toes, get a pedicure. Free your feet from the bonds of boots and shoes. By articulating your feet fully you will become more grounded and connected to the earth.

3. Take a breathing break – settle into a seat or lay down. Count to 5 on your inhale and 5 on your exhale. Notice how the rhythmic breathing relaxes you.

4. Magical Music – turn up the tunes and blast some Bob Marley and MC Yogi.

5. Get on your mat – morning and evening set aside even just 10 minutes to meditate and practice asana (yoga postures).