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More Fiber!








A few weeks ago I attended two wonderful fiber festivals – the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival and the Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair.

The NH Sheep & Wool was my second festival of the year and I went thinking it was going to be a small festival and that I wasn’t really going to buy anything. Sure maybe I would buy some top for spinning if it was particularly beautiful, I told myself I was not ready for a fleece (as I mentioned in my last post fiber festival). Boy was I wrong! It wasn’t a large festival, but it was bigger than the first one I went to and I found myself there for a few more hours than expected. Needless to say I ended up going home with my very first fleece! I found a gorgeous gray alpaca fleece that I just couldn’t leave behind. It is 3 lbs 4oz of super soft alpaca that I can’t wait to spin.

Alpaca Fleece










At the NH festival there was one vendor in particular, The Elegant Ewe, had my attention for a while, they had a great selection of pattern books, yarn, spinning wheels, combs, carders, and had Hannah Fettig there signing her latest book! I am finding that at each festival there are one or two vendors that I really like to take my time at. Since the fiber festivals are on the smaller side I can really take my time and not be bustled about with the crowd. It is nice to not be rushed.


NH Sheep & Wool: Knitting Books











The Mass Festival was the smallest of the three festivals that I have been to this year, but just as fun. It was a little cold out so the sheep were huddled together, and it inspired some purchases of colorful top for spinning! I was also excited to find a selection of natural moth repellants. Now that I have a fleece and lots of fiber at home I want to make sure moths are not attracted to my stash. There are a few more fiber festivals in the Maine/Vermont area this summer, however, I am going to try to skip them and enjoy spinning and knitting what I have at home. Since I have already scheduled to go the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival in NY this fall. Rhinebeck is one of the largest festivals and I want to take my time there and be able to replenish my stash by then!

Mass Sheep & Wool



Mass Sheep & Wool: Top & Moth Repellent


Mass Sheep & Wool: Moth Repellent