About Liza’s Online Studio

Liza’s Online Yoga Studio is the new online yoga experience where you have access to a range of videos that get you moving, thinking, reflecting, breathing, sitting, and being light. These videos are based on Liza’s teachings in her one-on-one sessions, and is a great supplement to any current or beginning yoga practices. With a catalog of different practices you are able to develop and explore at your own pace.

Your yoga doesn’t end when you walk off the mat at the yoga studio, it follows you everywhere. From how you eat your breakfast in the morning to how you talk to the stranger on the train or your office mate and then back to when you walk onto your yoga mat. Yoga is a lifestyle and not just doing crazy headstands or balancing tricks. Yoga is the study of the self and the connection to the inner wisdom and the world around you.

Liza’s Online Yoga Studio allows you to dive deep into the experience and practice of self-discovery at your own pace. With 24 hour access to the online center in your home you can make your practice work with your time schedule. As you make your yoga in your lifestyle you will find a large reduction in your stress and anxiety levels. These practical, tangible, and accessible videos are at your finger tips so that you can make being and living yoga a daily joyful and blissful experience.

Videos range from yoga postures to mindfulness practices and how to apply what you learn on your mat to the rest of your life. One small step a day will make a great difference in your relationship to yourself and to those around you.

This Online Yoga Studio is your own private yoga guide at your finger tips 24 hrs a day no matter where you are – at home, work, or traveling. You will always have a way to practice your yoga.