Greatest inspirations

I find my greatest creativity, presence, and inspirations while I am moving – be it walking, teaching, hiking, biking, dancing, or even knitting. It is just when I am stagnant in front of my computer that I am stuck, and lost without inspiration. I am writing this post on my iPhone as I am walking down the street, not the safest way to write but I had inspiration, and I love to write when I have this clarity and ease. So even if I’m moving slow, it’s raining on me, and I need to watch for people and cars. I find that my light and my writing shine when I am present to when the creativity comes.

So what is the point here? The point is that sometimes you just need to get your ass up in order to find the energy to do what you need to do. So as you write your next email, paper, or presentation get your butt out of that chair and move! Fold forward, take a walk, do a headstand, whatever it is let your body lead and your mind tag along. Then see what flows. Be open to the purity, fluidity, and authority that follow.

If you are curious about what my clarity inspired, I’ll give you hint – workshops, videos, and books! 

Love and light surrounds you and me.