Yogi’s Choice

Yogi’s Choice is something I love to offer in my classes. Whenever I say it it sounds like a delicious cereal to me, but what it means is students have a choice to not do everything in class and that it is more important that they listen to their own bodies. An advanced yogi is one who can take a rest when they need one and not push themselves into injury.

Yoga classes take a lot of focus and self care from students. Not only listening to the teacher, but their own physical bodies. For example, if you have a lower back injury and feel a little bit of pain, take a rest and make sure you care for yourself. Always be sure to alert the instructor before class of any injuries or conditions you are working with, we are here to help you practice in the safest way possible.

Yogi’s Choice teaches you to listen to what your body needs. Some days it may want five extra vinyasas in class or it may just want child’s pose. There is no right or wrong, just yogi’s choice.

Here is a yogi’s choice to try out today when you need a rest or before bed – savasana (corpse pose) or Viparita Karani (legs up the wall). Try using an eye pillow and stay for at least 5 minutes in each posture.