To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists to me are exciting and terrifying at the same time. One moment they can make me feel calm and organized, and the next send me into a tailspin. So, I thought, why not call them something else? When we attach a name to something that name or word can have a negative connotation that could be worse than it actually is. Rather than labeling the ‘to-do list’, why not look at it from a different angle? As I was organizing today‚Äôs ‘to-do list’ I realized that it doesn’t have to be as big or as scary as my anxious New Yorker mind can make it. Instead I realized the perfect name! The ‘everything is already okay roll’ – it is an ongoing register of things that are part of life, and not things to stress about because everything will get done and everything is already okay.

It is the same in asana (postures) – when we hear all of the things we are trying to ‘do’ in the pose we become overwhelmed and almost give up. So rather than looking at a posed like Tadasana as a daunting task to keep the tailbone down, chest lifted, chin parallel to the floor, feet grounded, arms lengthening, and even more, look at it as an exciting way to stay focused and continue to develop your skills at being in your own body.

Next time you feel overwhelmed by your work or scary ‘to-do list’ remind yourself that it is actually an ‘everything is already okay roll’. Or if that is too much of a mouthful try ‘OK Roll’. See what the different name conjures up for you and if it helps to you be present rather than stress over what must get done!