1st Post!

Often the battles we create in our head are much worse or never really happen in real life. Like me writing for my first blog post, I have sat and stared at the computer screen for hours pondering what would the perfect brilliant words be to start my first posting ever?! The anxiety I have been creating over this post is much greater than the effort that was actually needed to create a simple paragraph to say hello! This is a great example of why the teachings of yoga can be so helpful, there are so many aspects of it that help to teach us to be more mindful and stop and consider what is happening. Once I was able to recognize the insanity I was creating I could unbind myself from the shackles of my never-ending thoughts. This is a daily, even hourly challenge that we all face, but it is a beautiful and rewarding path to follow. I hope to share these trials and tribulations with you throughout my experiences.

Thanks for reading!

Namaste, Liza