Yoga + Wine – who could ask for anything more? Maybe a little chocolate…

Last night I went to a yoga workshop at Pure Yoga, The Yoga and Wine Party for the Ages — with Dave Romanelli, and it was amazing!

Dave’s adorable face and lighthearted approach to life can relax the most uptight person in the world. He brings a modern, accessible, and humorous style to the mat that shocks you, entertains you, and leaves you wanting more.

Going into the workshop I was full of anxiety from a day where I had been desperately trying to get things done, and I felt as though I was only going in circles. Dave’s class reminded me to be present. That if I stepped away from my computer for just one second and savored a moment, then I would be able to think more clearly, entertain myself, and stop taking everything so seriously.

As Dave so perfectly described it, we have all become an extension of our machines. It is hard to imagine stepping away from my computer or phone for a second, because I have a fearful feeling that I won’t be getting anything ‘done’. It is incredible how at times we can be so caught up in getting things done, that we forget life is here for us to savor.

I enjoyed Dave’s teaching style; I felt like I was able to open and expand my practice as he challenged me yet kept me laughing. I was able to smile and feel the energy flowing through me – a true experience of sukha (happiness & ease) in the poses. Dave threads stories eloquently throughout the asanas, and you can’t help but laugh out loud and have fun in whatever difficult asana you might be practicing.

The two-hour vinyasa class was energizing, calming, relaxing, and everything you would want out of a class. The addition of a wine and chocolate tasting at the end made it a truly exceptional experience. We were deliberately led through the wine and chocolate tasting with an eye to savoring the moment in each sip or bite. I noticed the wine and chocolate tasting better as I opened up to its effect on me. Dave also incorporated inspiring music and essential oils into the experience. This self-conscious stimulation of all five senses created a truly memorable experience for me and now helps me re-experience those moments more vividly than I would otherwise be able.

After class I felt as though I was back to myself; I was happy and couldn’t help but smile my entire way home on the subway, and when my boyfriend said he wanted to enjoy a bottle of red wine and cheese in bed, I was ecstatic.

I can’t make the Yoga + Chocolate workshop today so I can only drool over his book, Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment: getting to ecstasy through wine, chocolate & your iPod Playlist. I hope now to develop this playful, lighthearted approach to savoring every moment and incorporate it more fully into my daily practice.