12 Week Balance Challenge – Day 1 – Week 1

The next 12 weeks of my life mark a shift to a new chapter and journey where I will leave the corporate world behind and pursue yoga, yoga therapy, and psychology full time. How I feel, act, and exist over the next 12 weeks will provide a foundation for the rest of my life. I expect the transition to be long, joyful, exciting and painful. I feel that if I am going to get through it, I need to be more focused, mindful, and present than I have been in the past. For this reason, I have created a 12 Week Balance Challenge, where I will focus on balancing body, mind, and spirit. I like to think of it as a cleanse except it incorporates both the mind and body.

The 12 Week Balance Challenge will start with a body cleanse, then transition to include a mind cleanse, and hopefully the final phase will result in a spiritual cleanse. I won’t try to do too much at once because that kind of abrupt shift may  just cause increased and unnecessary stress.

So I’ll begin by trying the following; 1. Eating more mindfully and deliberately 2. Sleeping at least 7-8 hrs each night (sadly I average 5 these days) 3. Expanding my physical yoga practice to new and challenging ranges I have yet to explore.

Once I am comfortable with this after a week or two, I will begin the mind cleanse with; 1. Daily journaling 2. Technology breaks, letting go of my emails for even just 1 hr each day, and no computer (or iPhone!) after 10 pm.

Finally, cleansing my spirit will have two components: 1. Meditation 2. Feng Shui. I expect to start this in the fourth or fifth week, but don’t want it to feel so structured, so I’ll just keep a close eye on my progress and see when it feels natural to begin incorporating these components.

I look forward to sharing my trials and tribulations over the next 12 weeks. I think it’s so important at times to step back and really carve out time to set goals for maintaining balance in my life. I think this 12 Week Balance Challenge will be a good start. I welcome you to join me in this approach or create one that makes the most sense for you! Try it for a month, week or even just a day. One little step will go a long way.