5 Day Spring Detox

Sunday March 20th was the first day of spring, and all though it doesn’t feel like it is spring outside I am starting my yearly ritual of spring cleaning from the inside out. Moving from the dark days of winter into the warmer months, it is important to shed the heaviness of the season past. I look forward to clearing out my body, my mind, and my apartment, creating space for a lighter and brighter spring.

Today I started a 5 Day Spring Detox. Over the next 5 days I will be eliminating processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, negative thinking, judgment and criticism. I will at the same time begin integrating a vegan diet, organic foods, 2 days of juice fasting, self-care, self-love, and positive thinking.

The morning and afternoon of the first day of a detox is always the hardest. The switch to decaf tea from coffee, no processed foods, and only thinking positive takes a lot of mindfulness and preparation. However, once you get over the initial hump it begins to feel amazing. A lightness comes to your body, your mind seems calmer, and you can fall asleep early and recharge.

Over the first 2 days of the detox I will be eating a vegan diet with a lot of portion control. Then I am looking forward to Wednesday when the 2 day juice fast begins. Friday will be a gentle transition day from juice to whole vegan foods again. This cleanse is a stepping stone to clearing out my mind, my body, and give my digestion a rest.

In addition to the modification to my food intake there will be a lot of self reflection – journal writing, meditation, and times of silence. When going through a detox you must be ready to have things come up in order for them to be released. This can be emotionally taxing because as we begin to heal our selves we uncover our hidden shadows. These darker unhealed parts of us are forced to the surface and we are able to restore ourselves.

Lastly my apartment will benefit as I begin spring cleaning. Piles of bags, clothes, files, and books will be organized and hopefully a few things will be removed presently from my apartment creating a clearer and purer living space.

So day 1 comes to an end and I look forward to what comes up as the week goes on.

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