Ashley Turner’s Chakra Detox

Ashley Turner’s Chakra Detox opens your world up to new possibilities as you burn away what is no longer serving you and open yourself to a lighter, clearer, life. As Ashley’s assistant, I am of course her biggest fan, but the fact is her knowledge transcends making her such an authentic and inspirational person. The approach Ashley takes to the chakras allows you to see their connections to your life, regardless of your profession.  As an urban priestess, Ashley combines western psychology, tantra, tarot, astrology, and western science to provide a multi-dimensional experience that no one else offers today.

Ashley is a dynamic and strong woman who holds a mirror up to you and allows you to find your truth. Not only does she have immense knowledge on the topic, and live and breathe it, but also she has the clarity and power to have you find your truth.

I speak from my own deep experience of finding my truth when in a workshop with Ashley. Years ago she had held a workshop at Yoga Works on the chakras. At the time I was starting to organize my dreams and thoughts on becoming a yoga instructor and yoga psychologist, I saw her flyer and thought that she was doing just what I hoped to do one day. At the workshop I spoke to her of my fears and anxieties, and her strength, compassion, and lightness gave me the power to see my truth and myself. From that workshop I went and signed up for my first teacher training and now I am here today pursuing my dream.  Ashley offers compassion when needed and brings you to your edge when you feel you can’t take yourself there.

The workshop was a week of intense asana, therapeutic meditation, and intelligent spiritual discussions. It is an immense amount of knowledge to cover in just one week, but Ashley helps to provide her students with the key areas of focus that will help them to transform themselves. The path of transformation can bring up therapeutic discomfort, and it is easy to give up, but she can push you and allow you to find the beauty and light within.

Next year, Ashley will be hold the same workshop at Kripalu, and if you couldn’t make it this year I highly recommend that you make the journey in 2011. This workshop helps you to find clarity on all levels of your body, mind, and spirit in your personal and professional lives.

If you find yourself at a crossroads in life and need guidance you can work with Ashley Turner in a group setting or have private sessions with her. She is based in LA, but does work with many clients via skype. Her clarity will help you to find your inner wisdom.