Beautiful Bali

As Linden (Pravassa) and I wait for the rest of the group to arrive I am taking in the beauty of the Bagus Jati property. The afternoon rain has brought in a delicate mist that wraps gently around the villas. I’m enjoying a hot cup of peppermint tea while gazing off into the jungle (photo below). The rumbling of the thunder and the sounds of nature are welcomed as they are a great change from the usual sound of Manhattan sirens, honking horns, and subway trains.

There is nothing to do but enjoy the sounds of nature and let go. Sometimes the letting go can be the hardest part. I know when I first arrived I felt there must be something I’m supposed to do. Yet the best thing really is to let go and be present. That will allow me to guide the yogis in the upcoming classes from the doing to being state.

Live Light Practice:
Be present. No planning for at least one hour, and in that time be only with what is in front of you no thoughts of the past or future. Give yourself time to sit and gaze out a window admiring nature or if it’s not too cold taking a walk outside. No technology needed, just yourself.