Big knitting twist

Big Twist Leg Warmers by Erica Patberg
















My latest knitting project is proving to be a challenge. It’s not that the pattern is extremely difficult it is just that I have convinced myself that it is difficult.

So often we talk ourselves out of things or convince ourselves that we can’t do something even before we begin. What I hear a lot from people is ‘I can’t meditate’, ‘I’m bad at yoga’, ‘I can’t do a handstands’ and so on. We set ourselves up for failure even before we start. How does that serve us? Well it shows us what we believe to be true is. We meet our expectations.

With my knitting I was on a roll and then hit a snag so now it is sitting in my closet waiting for that day when I believe in myself. All I need is to take the time to be completely present with the project and believe that it will be possible.

Live Light Practice:
What is something in your life that you tell yourself you can’t do? Focus on it with a new perspective. You can do it. Believe it is possible. Notice how things shift with this new thought process.