Camp Caps 

As some of you know I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. As I move through the many transitions that are now a part of my life I adapt as I need to in order to make this all more manageable. 

One of the things I have discovered that unnerves me is the word ‘chemo’. Just saying it makes me queezy. Since I am going to chemo once a week for many months I realized I need to take some charge out of the word and the experience. 

So I now call chemo, camp. It is a much better word. It sounds fun and I have no visceral reaction to it. So every Friday I go to camp where I get to knit, rest, and hang with my hubby. 

I’m at camp today and my knitting project are camp caps for my fellow campers. One side effect of camp is hair loss and with such a cold winter still happening the campers need something warm and cozy for their bald little heads! 

Live Light Practice:

Feeling anxious or stress about something? Try offering a new perspective or even a new name to take the charge out of it.