Dazed and Confused












Being present is a conscious and active approach to life. Being dazed and confused is an unconscious and non-active approach. I try to be present as much as I can, but there are times where I am spaced out and not in the moment. This could be due to something bothering me, an upsetting situation, or my thoughts just being elsewhere.

The other day I was in a yoga class, and I had arrived a few minutes late. Adjusting to the slow pace of class took a little time, but I thought I was relaxed and present by 15 minutes in. At that time, we were to told to get an extra prop from the back of the room. So as quietly and efficiently as I could, I walked to the prop area and back to my mat, setting myself up and waiting for the rest of the class. I was oblivious to the others and just zoning out for a moment – at least until I heard a small voice behind me say “that is my mat”. I turned around with eyes wide open and my jaw dropped! Louder than intended, I belted out “oh I’m so sorry!”. Embarrassed and uncomfortable, but fully present now, I moved over to where my actual mat awaited me. This has never happened to me before, and I’ve never actually seen it happen to anyone else. The lesson I learned was that I wasn’t really there, and it brought me back to the present moment.


Live Light Practice:

Ask yourself are you present? Are your mind and body in the same place right now? What do you need to do in order to be here now?