Detox This

As I ride the train home from Kripalu to bustling NYC I am savoring my last few hours of quiet before I head back to my life at home. Reflecting on this week I am inspired and motivated from another amazing Chakra Detox Immersion with Ashley Turner! It is an honor and a privilege to be working closely with Ashley as her assistant at these workshops.

The Chakra Detox is a workshop like no other, and this work is not for the faint of heart. Come to this workshop planning to do deep emotional exploration. Breakthrough your barriers, fears, and insecurities to open to your deepest truest self. Through asana, meditation, chanting, yantras, mudras, discussions, lecture, and aromatherapy Ashley guides you to open on the deepest cellular level.

Each workshop has a group with their own unique connections and qualities. This year there were so many strong and vibrant women. The resonance of the group and Ashley’s teaching was so solid and true. Ashley is an accessible teacher who challenges and supports her students through the path of self-discovery and transformation. With Ashley’s support and the connection between the women in the group many powerful breakthroughs occurred over the week. The women no longer looked at each other from the surface level, but straight through to each others souls.

Personally in the past I have struggled with my relationships with women and it wasn’t until I began my own self-inquiry that my connection with other women began to blossom. A takeaway for me this week is that I have a love and desire for women of all ages, backgrounds, and histories to connect on a deeper level. I was able to watch these women as their barriers fell away, and discover that all of our sacred wounds are so different yet have common threads connecting us. Through this deep chakra work we are able to truly see ourselves and others on a pure love level.

When practicing or working with Ashley Turner transformation happens. In her workshops you have to face the shadow as well as the light. Each time I am with her I find a shift and a power in my own life that I feel so lucky to experience. The path of yoga, the path of self-discovery, the path of self-love is deep, joyful, painful, and the best thing you can ever do for yourself. No matter where you are on this path you will gain a new perspective and clarity in your life from taking a workshop with Ashley Turner.

Upcoming workshops with Ashley Turner:
Lift Off!, July 9th 12-2pm, Mala Yoga
HeartFire, July 9th 4-6pm, Laughing Lotus
Urban Priestess, Sept 29-Oct 2, 2011, Kripalu