Get Grounded

After traveling a short or long distance in a plane or train, it is important to take sometime to ground yourself before diving into anything. Today after flying for many hours on two planes from NYC to Santa Fe my body was feeling stiff. I’m not the calmest flyer so my body builds tension in my shoulders and hips. I also find that my ankles and feet become swollen. In order to release these tensions I made sure to whip out my mat and take sometime to ground, calm, and open myself.

No matter if you have arrived at home or your hotel for business or pleasure putting aside the first 10-30min to settle in can make a world of difference for the return home or the rest of your trip. Your body physically, mentally, and emotionally experiences different stressors when traveling and it is human nature to feel a little unstable or insecure after traveling for a long distance.

Here is a sequence to try after traveling. These postures will help relieve the tensions of travel, mental anxieties, and reduce bloating. Feel free to add in an extra vinyasa here and there if you are feeling you need a little more action in the sequence.

Cat Cow (10 breaths)

Childs Pose (5 breaths)

Down Dog (5 breaths)

Childs Pose (5 breaths)

Down Dog to Plank (5x)

Down Dog to Uttanasana

Uttanasana (5 breaths)

Surya Namaskara A (3-6x)

Low Lunge (Right Leg) (5 breaths)


Low Lunge (Left Leg) (5 breaths)


Dolphin (2x @ 5breaths)

High Lunge (Right Leg) (5 breaths)

High Lunge Twist (Right Leg) (5 breaths)


High Lunge (Left Leg) (5 breaths)

High Lunge Twist (Left Leg) (5 breaths)

Down Dog (5 breaths)


Chaturanga to the floor

Roll over onto back

Supta Baddha Konasana (with blankets or pillows under knees) (5 minutes)

Legs up the wall (5-10 minutes)


In sukhasana take time to reflect on what you notice in your body and mind. Does your breath feel steady? Do you feel clear and grounded? Set an intention for the rest of your day or trip.