Golden Loop Scarf

Around this time last year I went to a knitting meet-up at the La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe. While there I found two balls of yarn on sale in this beautiful golden color. I wasn’t positive at the time what I would make with it, but I decided that I wanted to buy it anyway and keep it in my yarn stash for later.

Finally this summer I started the project – a loop scarf that I could wrap around my neck without worrying about it shifting or falling off. There was also some leftover yarn from a past project that I had wanted to use with the golden yarn as well. After a few months of knitting I decided today that I didn’t like at all where the project was going and since I was making the pattern up as I went along I felt no remorse to rip out the entire thing and start over.

Now I sit next to empty needles and two balls of yarn waiting to be crafted into a scarf – and I am so excited! There are endless possibilities! I still plan on making a Golden Loop Scarf of my own pattern, but now I also hope to use the second ball to make fingerless gloves. What I love about this project is not being attached to what it must look like in the end. Patterns are extremely helpful at times, but for now I am enjoying the freedom of my creativity.

Yoga teachings that come in handy when knitting are practice, non-attachment, and letting go of results. In the Bhagavad Gita we are taught that through practice (action) and not attaching to the fruits of our actions, we can attain steady peace. So rather than attaching to the perfection of a finished knitting project, continue to knit and enjoy the process. The journey of a knitting project can be even more enjoyable than the results of it.