Happy Craft Month!

March is National Craft Month and I thought it would be a perfect time to share the different knitting projects I’m working on.

Most of the time I have more than one project cast on. This gives me options to knit depending on my mood – if I want something easy or a bit of a challenge. It is nice to have an easier project for days when I feel tired or want to knit with friends and can’t have something too complicated going. The more challenging projects are fun to work on when I have time alone and can really focus.



Camp Caps


An easy on going project I started recently are Camp Caps (I wrote about these in my last blog post). These hats are a quick and easy knit. I’ve been using yarn from my stash, and have made 5 so far that I’ve donated to my fellow campers at MGH.





Boot Cuffs


Another easy project on my needles are Boot Cuffs. I finished one cuff a few months ago, and have just been slow going at getting the second one done. This is the one downfall to having multiple projects going on at one time, that sometimes I just don’t finish the project! As the weather is getting warmer and the need for boot cuffs is lessening it seems like this will be something I finish later and enjoy next winter!





Little Miss Muffet


A project that I am having fun with and loving that it is taking some time is Little Miss Muffet. This project is unique because it is the first time I am working with thrumming (little pieces of roving are knit into the project), and I created the pattern. When it is done it will be the coziest muff (handwarmer) ever!






Fox in the Snow

The most challenging and biggest project I am working on is a sweater called Fox in the Snow. This pattern was designed by Kristina McGowan. It is the first time I am using a knitting technique called intarsia (patterns are created with multiple colors). I started this project on January 15th this year, and I am taking my time to finish it. This project in particular takes more of my attention and so I try to work on it when I know I have a block of time alone.





With all these projects going at one time I am not sure when they will end, but that is not the point of knitting. The journey and the process of knitting is what is important to me. I enjoy the steps of designing a new pattern, learning a new skill, and exploring new textures. Knitting is a meditative process and there is no need to rush through it.

Live Light Practice:

Bring out an old project or start a new craft project this month. It doesn’t have to been knitting. Anything that feels creative and fun to you!