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Happy New Year!!! January 1st is a fresh start to a brand new year, and it can be full of resolutions and changes that we think we need to make about ourselves. This year rather than looking at what I want to fix about myself I am starting the year off with gratitude.

Happiness comes from being grateful. Thanksgiving isn’t the only time of year that we need to set aside time to be thankful.

Even if you have already made resolutions for the New Year take a few minutes today to thank yourself and those important in your life in 2013.

Live Light Practice:

Before the first day of 2014 is over set aside time to reflect of the following questions. Find a quiet spot where you can be alone. Be specific when you describe why you are grateful.

What are you most grateful for in 2013? List 3 things.

Who made an impact in your life in 2013 and what can you thank them for?

What are you grateful for in the new year?

Then go out and enjoy the first day of a new year!!!