I Choose My Own Adventure

Using a daily mantra or intention is a powerful way to live authentically. When making decisions throughout your day always keeping the mantra in mind.

This week I have been using the mantra ‘I choose my own adventure”. So before making any decisions – from what I am going to eat, to the style yoga class I am going to take – I think ‘I choose my own adventure’. It is a playful way to remind yourself that you are in control of your happiness and that it is the small stuff that builds up to the bigger picture of your life.

If you are pondering bigger life decisions like what job to take or masters program to go into, the same principle applies. Before making a choice you use your mantra to help you. Think of those storybooks when you were a kid that gave you the option of picking the ending to read.

By choosing your own adventure you are not being pushed around by life, but writing your own story. You get to choose your happiness and how you get there.

Live Light Practice:

For one day use “I choose my own adventure” as your mantra. No matter if it is choosing the route to work, or the afternoon snack you have. Look at each choice as an adventure along your path of life.