Knitting Meditations














Although, some may view summer days as sweaty rather than sweet, I find summer to always leave me with a smile. The smile may come from nostalgic days of past or from new memories being created.

I’ve been taking time to fit in my favorite summer pass time – knitting on the beach. This past weekend when I was knitting on the beach I observed myself as the wind picked up and my eyes narrowed. I leaned back and deepened my breath and with each inhale knit, each exhale purl. The repetition brought my mind to focus instead of being whipped around by the storm rolling in.

My afternoon at the beach was a continuous gentle meditation. I sat still with the focus on knitting the yarn together in a balanced, flexible, and steady manor. Meditation in motion doesn’t have to be from knitting, it could be during a run, bike ride, etc. How do you find yourself in the present moment?

Live Light Practice:

With only a few weeks left in summer. How can you make it memorable? How do you want to be when the soft hues of fall begin to roll in?