Mellow Out

Some days just go in slow motion. I started my home practice today and realized it was going to be a mellow day. My mind was racing, but my body was moving slow.

To quiet my mind and move towards a state of being where my body and mind were connected I did practices that had my head below my heart and sometimes my forehead connected to the earth. By grounding my forehead I started to notice the slowing down of my thoughts.

In this child’s pose (picture on the left) I put my hands between my heels and butt so that it was a softer pose. I let my muscles relax and gravity do its thing. Soon after getting into the pose I felt more balanced. By having my head connected to the floor, my hands and legs joined, I was able to breath deeply and coax my body and mind to a similar slow rhythm.

I began and ended my practice with this cuddly child’s pose. Feel like you are having a mellow day? Try it out.

Live Light Practice:

Take a child’s pose where you feel fully supported. That might mean a block under your forehead and blankets behind your knees. Take time to set it up so you can rest there for about three minutes.