Watch your Thoughts

Liza Laird#livelight

Our minds are powerful things. We can create fear, joy, love – the full spectrum of emotions – just from our thoughts. I have recently been exploring my fears and one way I have been doing that is challenging myself to yoga postures that do not come easily to me. Full wheel pose has always been a challenge for me, and I find right before I go up into the pose my thoughts automatically begin to tell me I can’t do it – and what do you know my wheel pose is always a disaster. So I started changing how I thought right before tackling this posture. I would repeat positive affirmations to myself and I could still feel the fear but it was not taking over me.

This reminds me of my favorite quote from the Upanishads. It is so important for us to watch our thoughts and then our words, actions, habits, and character because ultimately we are creating our destiny. Next time you have a negative thought watch how that influences what you do next. #livelight



“Watch your thoughts: They become your words.

Watch your words: They become your actions.

Watch your actions: They become your habits.

Watch your habits: They become your character.

Watch your character: It becomes your destiny.“

~ Upanishads


Yoga Talk


I’m very excited because this weekend I am heading to Lafayette College to give a talk about Yoga, health and wellness. I’m excited to share with the students, parents, and alumni of Lafayette how I went from working a corporate job to teaching yoga and knitting in NYC and around the world. I will guide participants through breathing practices, yoga postures, and a simple meditation. I’ll share some tips on how in the midst of chaos one can find peace and calm. With the change of season this is a perfect time to share the teachings of yoga and transformation. I’ll be sure to share some photos and videos from the talk with you!




Taking self-care breaks are an important part of daily life. They can help you stay sane and feeling healthy. Try taking a 5 minute self-care break today. Sip on some tea, write in a journal, or take a short walk. Try connecting with your inhales and exhales. Most of all live light, because everything is already okay.



You are already perfect.

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