Rabbit Rabbit









When studying psychology in college my professor on the first of every month would begin his lecture with ‘rabbit rabbit’. It is said that if you say ‘rabbit rabbit’ before anything else on the first of the month you will have good luck for the entire month.
Rabbit Rabbit is also a way for you to take a moment and acknowledge the start of a new month and check in with your intentions for the year. 2013 began a month ago and now is a great time to see if you are still inline with your intentions and who you want to be this year.

Live Light Practice:

If you wrote down your intention for the year take it out and sit in front of it, and if not remind yourself of what your intention was. Sit quietly for a moment and reflect on your intention.

Do you feel aligned with it? Have you been true to your intention for the past month? What can you do for yourself to allow the intention to easily be a part of your life?

What is one small thing you can do today that is inline with your intention?