Restore and Renew











The other day I was taking a restorative yoga class and the teacher was guiding us in a supine position to relax our minds. As he told us to not have any thoughts in our head I of course thought how it is not easy to just not think! Giving the instruction or saying to ourselves ‘okay relax now’, might not get us the results we expect. Thoughts keep popping up and some float by, but others we latch onto.

To get to a state where we let go of the fluctuations of our minds takes practice. For now do not think of your goal as having no thoughts in your head, but being present and in touch with your breathing.

Taking one step at a time to restore and renew allows for you to learn the process by which you can calm your body and mind.


Live Light Practice:

Set a time for ten minutes. Lay down on a bed or couch with your back supported by at least 3 pillows. Allow your legs to stretch out in front of you. Close your eyes and soften the muscles of your face, release the tongue from the roof of your mouth. With each inhale fill your belly fully, and with each exhale empty completely. Lay still sinking deeper into the support and releasing your thoughts and muscles with each breath.

Watch your thoughts as they come up. Notice the desire to follow some of them. See if you can acknowledge the thoughts as they come, and then let them go.
After ten minutes has passed check in with yourself – how do you feel? What do you notice?