Slow and Steady

As the first week of the new year passes by I am reminded to slow down, which has helped me stay in line with my intention for the year. I, like many this season, have come down with a cold and am forced to take it easy. If I keep moving and doing I will only continue to make myself sick. So instead I’ve decided to slow down, this means my asana practice is much more restorative daily.

If you are feeling under the weather and need to recharge try supta virasana. Look at the cold as a way to let your body receive the down time it needs.

Live Light Practice:

Click on the video below to try out supta virasana, a restorative yoga pose. supta virasana (reclined hero posture) helps to stretch the front of the body, sooth the nervous system, and aids digestion.

Using propping underneath the body will allow you to stay in this pose for an extended period of time and move towards the relaxation response.

If you have a knee injury avoid this position and instead have your legs straight in front of you.