Slow Down













Do you ever feel like you are going and going? That you are moving quickly and can’t find time to slow down?

Sometimes I find my self speed walking for no reason. Once I realize it I stop and ask myself what is the rush?

Yesterday I took a beginner yoga class and it was so nice to go back to the basics, to be with each posture. In traditional vinyasa classes we flow from one pose to the next, and sometimes way to fast. In class yesterday we wouldn’t move on from a pose until the teacher had explained in fully and we were each settled in and able to breath for at least ten breaths.

The teachers cues to slow down the breath and be in the posture were refreshing. For beginners in the room they were learning the alignment of the postures, and for me I was able to dig deeper into the pose. It wasn’t about hanging out in the postures, but breathing and being present.

By slowing down we are able to be mindful and present. There is an alertness and power that comes from being fully in the moment.

Live Light Practice:

Take a slow walk. Methodically take each step. Breath.