Snowflakes, Inspiration, and Yoga


















Snowflakes, Inspiration, and Yoga

When teaching a class earlier this week I felt my class was uninspired. Was it my students being less than enthusiastic about being there or was it me? When class ended I asked myself where do I find inspiration and why was it not with me that night? Where had it gone?

At first I began searching Pinterest, Facebook, the WSJ, and the NYT. Then Later in the week I had an afternoon of catching up on laundry and packing and I was quite cozy in my apartment. Going outside into the dark cold weather didn’t seem enticing. To my surprise walking onto the sidewalk to have fresh fluffy snowflakes land gently on my coat made me smile. I felt energized and inspired to teach class. Then it hit me, inspiration would only come from within when I stepped away from the distractions. Sure at times I can find inspiration from things like Pinterest, but what I really needed was to listen what was inside myself.

Inspiration can come from inside us when we are open to the world around us. Closed in my apartment my inspiration only takes me so far. To get my juices flowing at times I need to step out into the world to go within.

Where do you find inspiration? Do you feel stuck? Unsure of what to do? Feel like giving up and watching endless reruns on TV? Overwhelmed by Sandy, the election, and now Winter Storm Athena?

Live Light Practice:
Take a step back from the newspaper, your phone or computer – after reading this of course 😉 – and visit with nature. Get grounded. Bundle up and take a walk. Not to do anything just to witness the world. Start walking faster, create heat. Notice the shift.