Spring Detox – Day 2

On my second day of the detox I enjoyed a home yoga practice and a few long walks. The cold weather outside has been making it hard for me to get warm, but lots of layers help to create heat while I am walking. It is important during a detox to sweat and release some of the toxins out through your pores to facilitate the purification process.

Lunch today was a tasty lentil soup with barley. Lentils are high in protein and barely is a good source of fiber. In order to eat smaller portions, about the size of my two palms, at each meal I have been putting my food into coffee mugs rather than soup bowls. I have found that this portion fills me up and I am more aware of how much food I take in. (see picture of the lentil soup and barley above)

As day 2 of the detox comes to an end I find I have lingering sensations of a headache and excitement for the 2 day juice fast that starts tomorrow. The headache comes from caffeine withdrawal, and I know it will pass soon. My excitement comes from the tasty array of juices I purchased from Organic Avenue. The pure and organic ingredients are so fresh they are my favorite part of a detox. In the future I hope to invest in my own juicer, but for now I am enjoying the fresh made juices from OA.

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