Spring Detox – Day 3

The 3rd day of the detox and 1st day of the juice fast is winding down and I’m happy to say that I made it through hump day! Today involved some very tasty juices from Organic Avenue, a wonderful yoga class with Sarah Bell at Yoga Works Union Square, and of course walking around the city in this delightful hail/snow/rain storm.

The juices I drank today were Pear (tastes great and is full of fiber), Mellow Love (didn’t love it – felt it had a little bit of a dirt taste), Lemonade (one of my favorites), Young Love (Love it), and finally Green Mylk (the cinnamon in a nice addition to the green juice). The ingredients are so fresh and pure it is truly a treat to be drinking the OA juices. (I do not receive anything for raving about OA – I’m just obsessed with them!)

Now even though I loved my juices, I was feeling some hunger pains. This was probably due to my Italian language lesson today where in class our chapter was all about food! My favorite foods are pasta, pizza, bread, sauces, and all things Italian. So the rest of my day has been salivating over all of the carbs I can’t wait to eat when this is done!

I recall from cleanses that I have done in the past that I get to a point where I am fantasizing about all of the food I can’t wait to eat when it is over. When I recall that I have been down this path before I know that I can make it through and if I stay present with what is happening to my body now I am less likely later to binge when the detox ends.

The desire to binge after a detox can be reduced by incorporating mental cleansing into the detox as well. You aren’t just cleansing your physical body, but your mental body. As you remove toxins from the body you also work on removing fears, worries, stress, and anxiety. By releasing these mental patterns and bodily toxins you move closer to peace of mind and happiness.

Here is a simple ‘mind detox’ practice to try out:

5 min meditation (set a timer before you sit)

Take a comfortable seat on the floor or in a chair. Have a tall spine and close your eye or keep a quiet gaze a few inches in front of you. Take a few deep breaths in and out your nose. Keep steady inhales and exhales through your nose as you begin to repeat the mantra om mani padme hum (hail to the jewel within the lotus) to yourself. Repeat for 5 min. Once the timer goes off take a moment to reflect on how you feel now versus the beginning of the meditation.

Try this meditation out anytime you feel you need to slow your mind down, come to a centered place, and find calm within yourself.