Spring Detox – Day 5


Happy Friday all! Today is the last day of my 5 day detox and I feel the most energized that I have all week! The juice fasting was wonderful and I’m slowly introducing solid foods. I started the day with pear juice, a lemonade and then in the afternoon had an apple and a pear. The only foods I was craving were bread and pasta so I just had some nuts and decided to wait till dinner to introduce more foods.

When doing a juice fast the day after the juice fasting can be hard, be sure to come off the juice fast slowly and consciously. Start the day after with a juice or fruit smoothie, for lunch light soup and for dinner a heartier soup. If you are feeling okay you can try eating an apple, but beware of how your stomach is reacting.

Even on the day after the cleanse, be careful and mindful of the foods you are putting into your body. Keep the lightness going by slowly adding in solid foods to your diet. Juice fasting is giving your digestive system a rest, which will equate to new and higher levels of energy.

Dinner tonight was Hoisin-glazed tempeh with Green beans and cashews with brown rice. (pictured above) It was delicious and the rice helped with my carb craving. Tomorrow I will ease into a diet of 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables, animal proteins, and over the next few days my favorite breads and pastas! I plan to continue with the smaller portion sizes and I’m not sure yet when I will reintroduce coffee.

Overall it has been a great experience. This week I was able to release unnecessary insecurities, purge clothing from my apartment, cross things off of my to do list, and I shed 3 lbs.

Curious about doing this 5 day detox? Email info@lizalaird.com to find out details on the 5 day detox package which includes private sessions and day-to-day guidance during the cleanse.