Vinyasa is a term tossed around to describe a style of yoga or a sequence of movements. If we look at the term vinyasa krama we can begin to get a deeper understanding. When you breakdown the words, krama is ‘step’, nyasa means ‘to place’ and vi is ‘in a special way’. I was first introduced to vinyasa krama when reading The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar a few years ago. When I learned what vinyasa really meant I felt everything clicked. In order to work towards a particular goal or aim we need to go step-by-step with intention. We must learn to crawl before we can run. With this definition of vinyasa krama it is clear that it can be applied to much more than asana (yoga postures).

Each time I knit I am reminded of this connection and the importance of mindfulness and attention to detail. Working step-by-step. When knitting you first learn to make a knit stitch. As that comes easier you learn to purl, and so on. It is similar to learning to lift into handstand. You first learn postures that are easier to build the strengthen in the body and mind for the inversion.

No matter if you are knitting a scarf or lifting into handstand it requires clear intention and step-by-step process. Begin with the foundation and develop the skills from there. As we progress with knitting, yoga, writing, or whatever your goal is, it progressively becomes easier and less effort exerted.

Live Light Practice:
What is something in your life that you have been wanting to be able to do? Knit, meditate, handstand? Choose one thing to focus on and set an intention with it. This week begin by taking one step towards your aim. Then set up what other steps need to be taken in order to achieve your plan.