Thank yourself for…


At the end of each yoga class I like to close the session with my hands on my belly and chest to thank yourself for your practice and dedication today. It is a reminder to be grateful for your body, for yourself, and your dedication to the practice of living a healthier and more balanced life.

How often do we really thank ourselves? When we go home to be with our families or see old friends for the holiday we can fall back on habitual patterns of the past. It is important to stay present with yourself at this time and what you need. By taking time out to rejuvenate yourself you will be more likely to stay true to the person you have become rather than turning to food to calm our possibly turbulent emotions from the holidays. Perhaps this only pertains to me, but I am guessing we all have our own little idiosyncrasies when it comes to our families and old friends.

As a child you may demand things of your parents. As a parent you may be searching for just five minutes peace. Whatever your family role may be, be mindful of how your behavior is influencing others. Or perhaps you are rediscovering old friendships, be aware of the old thought patterns (samskaras) that appear as you revisit the past. The mindfulness and self-care practice doesn’t have to begin on Thursday Nov 24th. You can start setting your intention now and being clear with what you need to stay mindful and healthy over the long weekend.

Live Light Practice:

Set aside 20 minutes to sit and meditate. Begin the meditation by asking yourself what it is that you need to stay light and healthy over thanksgiving. Sit with whatever may arise in those twenty minutes. As the mind wanders gently coax it back to the question of ‘What do I need to stay light and healthy over thanksgiving?’. After the 20 minutes write down what you discovered in your meditation. Then place the pen down and ask yourself what are you grateful for? Give yourself another 20-30 minutes of time to quietly sit with this question without moving or writing anything. Then crack open your eyes pick up your pen and list 25 things you are grateful for at that moment. Take your time, don’t rush, and no matter how big or small you feel the things are that you are grateful for still acknowledge them all.