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When we walk out of the yoga studio, meditation room, or spiritual center we have the opportunity to put into action what we have learned. The studies of self-growth, compassion, and spirituality don’t have to stay within the walls of where we learn them. Developing a home practice of reading spiritual texts, asana (postures), meditation, and keeping a journal brings this life long journey to all aspects of your life. The classes we take are anywhere from 30-90 minutes, and that is a small part of our day.

The moment we walk out of class things come up to distract us, and that is part of the learning experience. Being able to use what we have learned in order to handle life from a place of balance instead of being overreactive. As my teaching and coaching develops further I have found that practicing at home is an invaluable part of my growth, and helps with how I live in the world. In the sacred space I have created I am able to explore areas in more detail that I am curious about. This way my experiences are not just from the classes I’ve taken, but from my own self study.

Meditating, reading spiritual texts and being in yoga postures in your home can be challenging. There is always something else that we could be doing. The moment we sit our eyes dart to the pile of dirty clothes that need to be washed, or the papers that need organizing. The discipline and will power it takes to resist getting right up and doing house chores is all a part of the practice.

When beginning a home practice start small, you don’t need to commit to a 90 or 120 minutes of practice off the bat. Start with a 5 minute meditation, one minute in a downward facing dog, or begin by dedicating ten minutes to reading the Yoga Sutras a day. Everyday these few minutes will make a large impact in your life. You will find a greater sense of ease, of understanding and compassion for others and yourself.

Live Light Practice:

Meditate for 5 minutes each morning before your day begins for one week. If you already have a home meditation practice continue and add an extra 5 minutes to it.

Find a quiet and clean space for you to sit. Once you have committed to sitting with meditation start with your eyes softly open and notice where your eyes wander. What is the view from your mat?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and close your eyes. When the timer goes off open your eyes and once again take in your surroundings. Do you notice a difference in how you perceive the space around you?

Take 5 more minutes to write in a journal. Notice your thoughts, sensations, emotions, tensions, and anything else that comes up. These few moments of writing are to bring conscious awareness to yourself before your day begins.