What Brings You Joy?

I was recently in Hilton Head, SC teaching a workshop at the Jiva Yoga Center. It is so beautiful there and I was feeling so joyful.

The day after the workshop I found myself sick in bed with a cold. I wasn’t feeling quite as inspired and joyful when I had a fever. So as I was feeling miserable I tried to think about what brings me joy and how I can cultivate that feeling even when I wasn’t feeling my healthiest.

It was a challenge to find joy even when I was sick. What I discovered was it didn’t matter where I was, but how I choose to feel on the inside. I thought of how happy my dog Cosmo makes me, the beauty of walking on the beach, and the loving support of my family.┬áBy changing my mental focus from how sick I felt to what brings me joy I was able to lighten my mood.

Live Light Practice:

Discover what brings you joy. Take time this afternoon to contemplate what in your life brings you joy and take action to add more of it to your life.