What’s Up?

What’s happening right now? Are you thinking of what will come next, what happened last night, or perhaps you are only thinking about this newsletter? More often than not our thoughts are rooted in the past or future, it is rare that we are fully present to the current moment.
I was taking a wonderful yoga class this morning and we began with a very long hold in uttanasana (forward fold). We adjusted our feet a few times to see how it changed to posture, but really we were in a forward fold for a good 10 minutes. For an early morning class you think (or perhaps expect) to be moving right away and waking up the body.
What I loved about taking the time in this yoga posture was it was a great set up to getting ourselves present in the moment, into the yoga class, and turning our attention inward. I wasn’t thinking about what was coming next or how my morning was, I was acutely aware of the sensations in my body and how my breath was deepening the posture, how as we stayed there longer my body began to awaken and the thoughts and breath were in line with what was happening right then.
The expansion I feel in body and mind is fueling me through my day. Each time I watch myself jump to what is next I gently coax myself back to the present moment. It is a continuous practice, and the balanced awareness I have gained from the yoga class this morning is helping me to continue this throughout the day.

Live Light Practice:

Find a supportive seat in a chair, on the floor, sitting against the wall. Take a few moments to set yourself up. Then let the eyes close softly so there is no gripping. Start to watch your breath. Then after a few moments begin to repeat to yourself ‘inhale, exhale’ with each breath. Let other thoughts float through your mind, but don’t attach to them. Allow the attention to be on each inhale, and exhale.

Remain with this focus for at least 5 minutes.

After the time has passed take your time to shift from sitting to standing and with your eyes open notice your surroundings. Then ask yourself “what’s happening now?”. See how you can be in that moment and how long you can stay without thinking what is coming next.