Yoga in Italia









With the closest yoga studio more than an hour from where I am staying in Italy, I have had the pleasure of rediscovering my personal yoga practice. Daily, my husband and I have laid our mats on the balcony and explored our own yoga practices. We begin our sessions loosely based on the Mysore primary series. This gives us structure, a sequence, and the freedom not to teach but explore my own asanas, meditation and pranayama.

We also take time to play with our handstands. Often our egos drive us to hold them for longer or float up rather than jump. There are moments when I pause to remind myself of a quotation from Pattabhi Jois – “Do your practice and all is coming.”. If we practice and let go of the results, there is an ease to the postures rather than a tense grasping (and a big ego).

Letting go of the results can be challenging, but when you are able to, a freedom engenders in the practice. So I go ahead and keep up with my practice, trying to lift into handstand even if I’m not quite off the floor yet! Who knows when the day will come when I lift effortlessly rather than jump…so I keep in mind – “Do your practice and all is coming”.

Live Light Practice:

Practice daily. Let go of the results and stick to your practice.