New Live Light Thought Pattern

I listen to the inner wisdom of my body.


New Perspective

Tomorrow begins a new month, and the opportunity for a new perspective. The New Year is behind us and old habits can sneak in. Take this weekend to relax and remind  yourself of what you are grateful for this year.

If you are feeling stuck maybe it is time to find a new perspective. This weekend, to see things in a new way I’ll be taking an inversion workshop.

Live Light Practice:

Turn upside down. Try a forward fold, downward dog, or a handstand. See if you can hold the posture for at least one minute. Move slowly in and out so you can watch any shifts in perspective that occur.

Much love and peace,


















Live Light Practice:
Find a new perspective! Try a handstand or a downward dog and notice the shift.



Double Down













In order to stay warm this winter I have found that wearing two jackets is extremely helpful. Although, I look bulky in my extra layers it has allowed me to take long walks outside with my dog Cosmo. In the past I have had a less than positive relationship with winter. Basically, I hate the cold. This year I have decided to not run away from the cold and change my attitude about the winter season.

As the days start getting shorter and the cold weather begins I usually think to myself, why am I not living in Hawaii? Instead of lamenting over why I didn’t move to a warmer climate I have decided that I will like winter this year. I changed my relationship with the winter season by changing my thoughts about it. Instead of complaining I have chosen to find the beauty in the season.

What I have learned to love about the winter is the quiet down time. The joys of sipping hot tea under a cozy blanket. The light and fluffy snow that my dog Cosmo loves prancing around in for hours. Also, I have always loved knitting, and what better time to knit than in the dead of winter?

Not only have I changed my thoughts about winter, but I have made sure I am fully prepared (ie wearing two down coats when I walk outside). Taking Vitamin D supplements helps my mood immensely. Again I have my dog to thank for getting me out of the house to walk outside and enjoy the crisp beauty of winter and not fall into a slump. Trying to reach 10,000 steps in a day may feel hard in the winter, but by taking a few walks in the sun during the day can really help your mood and health.

A home practice of asana (yoga postures) and meditation is also extremely helpful in keeping the winter blues away. Let’s be real, some days are just too cold out to make it to a yoga studio. So it is important to keep yourself warm from in the inside out through meditation and yoga postures. Keeping it to the same time each day can help it become a habit in your life. The yoga postures at home do not have to be crazy arm balances and inversions. I’d recommend trying more gentle and restorative yoga postures.

Live Light Practice:

Take a walk outside after lunch each day. Bundle up so you won’t be cold. As you walk keep your phone at home or in your pocket and be aware of the nature around you.