Live Light Practice:

Start your day writing in your journal. Take 10 minutes to write what comes to mind and clear your head.


Blissed Out








This month for #YogaBookClub we will be reading The Art of Bliss by Tess Whitehurst. I stumbled upon this book while in Woodstock, NY at The Golden Notebook, a wonderful local bookshop! The title drew me in, and after reading a few pages here and there in the shop I was intrigued.

I look forward to reading this and uncovering what wisdom Tess has to share as well as how she teaches one to follow their bliss.

Please join me this month in reading The Art of Bliss. Throughout the month I will be tweeting about my experience reading the book and posting some preliminary questions. Join in and send me your thoughts as well. Then on January 25th at 3:30pm EST is the live twitter chat where we can discuss the book.

Be sure to add #YogaBookClub to your tweets to be a part of the conversation. Email bookclub@lizalaird.com for more details.


5 Simple Yoga Poses to Help you Relax After a Flight

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When we travel, no matter how excited we are about our trip, when we finally arrive at our destination we can feel tired and worn out. The following five yoga poses are helpful to get your body grounded and relaxed at the beginning of your trip, after a flight or long car ride. These postures are great for all levels of yogis and can be done on a mat or in a bed.

To read more and try the 5 yoga poses click here.


Same time, same place







Are you having trouble committing to your meditation practice? One of the easiest ways to make it a daily habit is to set up a schedule for yourself. Plan to sit in the same place at the same time each day and meditation will become a part of your daily life.

Where you sit doesn’t need to have a special blanket, statues of deities or mala beads (eventually you may add these items as they start to be a part of your practice). It just needs to be a place in your home that you designate as your special meditation spot.

When I lived in NYC and space was limited I cornered off a small section of my closet for meditation. At that time I didn’t have a meditation cushion or anything else, I just knew that area of the closet was my mindful space. In my current home I have chosen an area that isn’t used often and set up my meditation cushion so when I go to meditate the area already feels peaceful to me.

Live Light Practice:

Choose an area in your home where you will use it only for meditation. If you have a meditation cushion or a blanket you like to sit on for meditation set it down so when you go to meditate the space is ready.

Then set up a time each day that you will regularly mediate. For example: at 8am each day I will meditate for 10 minutes.

Let me know how it goes!