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Happy New Year!!! January 1st is a fresh start to a brand new year, and it can be full of resolutions and changes that we think we need to make about ourselves. This year rather than looking at what I want to fix about myself I am starting the year off with gratitude.

Happiness comes from being grateful. Thanksgiving isn’t the only time of year that we need to set aside time to be thankful.

Even if you have already made resolutions for the New Year take a few minutes today to thank yourself and those important in your life in 2013.

Live Light Practice:

Before the first day of 2014 is over set aside time to reflect of the following questions. Find a quiet spot where you can be alone. Be specific when you describe why you are grateful.

What are you most grateful for in 2013? List 3 things.

Who made an impact in your life in 2013 and what can you thank them for?

What are you grateful for in the new year?

Then go out and enjoy the first day of a new year!!!






Live Light Thought Pattern

New Live Light Thought Pattern:

hOMe is within me.


Going OM








Recently I had the pleasure of leading a wellness vacation in Thailand. It was a wonderful group of people and a fabulous time exploring the culture of bustling Bangkok and the quiet nature outside of Chiang Mai.

After the amazing trip to Thailand I felt I needed to stop and chill out. So, since my trip I have been laying low. I found coming home to a frigid winter has inspired me to pause and take time to reflect.

Taking time to stop and not plan has allowed me to enjoy the holidays with my family. Now with the New Year approaching I am starting to look ahead, and wonder what is next?

In 2014 one big change is happening for me that I would like to share with you – my husband and I are moving to Boston! I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d really leave NYC. Now that it is official and we are moving on New Years Eve I am getting excited! It is a whole new adventure.

What does my move to Boston mean for yogis in NYC/NJ? Although I won’t be there to teach in person you can take my classes online, work with me via skype, or meet more for one of my retreats in the fall 2014, or spring 2015. (Spoiler – Yoga + Yarn is back & in 2015 we are heading to Vietnam! Email me for more details – retreats@lizalaird.com).

I’ll keep you posted via facebook, twitter, and my blog. Stay in touch and let me know how I can help you in 2014. Remember – live light, because everything is already okay.

Thank you to all of you for a wonderful year and looking forward to 2014! Much love and Happy New Year!!!


Liza Laird


What Brings You Joy?

I was recently in Hilton Head, SC teaching a workshop at the Jiva Yoga Center. It is so beautiful there and I was feeling so joyful.

The day after the workshop I found myself sick in bed with a cold. I wasn’t feeling quite as inspired and joyful when I had a fever. So as I was feeling miserable I tried to think about what brings me joy and how I can cultivate that feeling even when I wasn’t feeling my healthiest.

It was a challenge to find joy even when I was sick. What I discovered was it didn’t matter where I was, but how I choose to feel on the inside. I thought of how happy my dog Cosmo makes me, the beauty of walking on the beach, and the loving support of my family. By changing my mental focus from how sick I felt to what brings me joy I was able to lighten my mood.

Live Light Practice:

Discover what brings you joy. Take time this afternoon to contemplate what in your life brings you joy and take action to add more of it to your life.