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Begin each day with a gratitude journal listing at least five things you are grateful for. Then throughout the day each time you have a negative thought replace it with a positive one.


Live Light

Everything is already okay. Pause. Breathe and repeat to yourself “Everything is already awesome”. (Add a smile and you’ll feel instantly better.)



Kate working & stretching her hips in a cross legged position.

No matter if you are spending hours at your computer or clicking away with your knitting needles taking mini-breaks are important to keep you in the present moment. Sitting for extended periods of time can wreack havoc on your body. Your hips tighten, posture slumps, and your joints stiffen. It does no t have to take a whole lot to help relax and loosen the body. Here are 3 tips to keeping you spry and mindful:

 Live Light Tips:

1. Stand up:

If you are plugging away at work, shopping online or knitting a project set an alert every 20 minutes. When the alert goes off stand up and stretch your arms overhead, wiggle a bit, an then get back to it. Using that reminder to reset your body and lengthen it.

2. Keep your garbage can far away:

Make up reasons that you need to get out of your chair. One option is to place your garbage can far away from you so when you need throw away post-its or extra yarn you need to get up and walk a little bit to the receptacle. This gets you extra steps and your body moving.


3.  Sit on the floor:

Sitting in chairs can really tighten our hips, but sitting on the floor can help loosen them. You can sit on a yoga block or a small cushion to support your back. Every so often switch the cross of your legs and make sure your spine is upright. I love knitting on the floor – a habit I learned from my mother who sits in full lotus when she knits.

If you have lower back issues, extremely tight hips, or a dirty office floor this one isn’t for you. Instead try sitting on the edge of your chair and crossing your ankle over your thigh (like a figure 4 position). Switch legs every so often will help your hips not get so stuck. Or sitting cross legged in your chair can also help loosen your hip flexors.





Have Mat Will Travel


When traveling it is easy to fall off the wagon of your practices. Be it yoga, running, tennis, etc. No matter if you are away for vacation or work it can be hard to fit in time for your health and wellness. I’ve been lucky enough to be traveling between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco for the last week and have needed to make adjustments to my daily routine. When at home I have my meditation and yoga already engrained in my daily life. Sometimes when away, even if it is for vacation it seems easier to opt out of a class and drink some prosecco! Here are three tips to help keep you balanced while traveling (mat not required).



3 Live Light Tips:

1. Take a dog, a puppy dog pose that is.

Although, I do travel with my little puppy I’m talking about the yoga pose “puppy dog”. This can be done anytime anywhere. All you need is a wall, back of a chair, or even a friend to lean on. It is the same shape as a downward facing dog, but your hands are on a wall instead of the floor.

2. Breathe deeply, and often.

No matter if you are online to buy coffee, waiting to check in for your flight, or sitting having drinks with friends. Take a moment to pause and breathe deeply. You can stay put or head to the bathroom and breath three times in through your nose and out your mouth. Fill your lungs fully and then expel excess air. You’ll quickly feel better after a few deep belly breaths.

3. Stay in bed, and do a happy baby!

Before hoping out of bed in the morning or winding down for sleep. Use those few extra moments to try the yoga pose happy baby. Pull your knees into your chest and grab the soles of your feet or ankles. Rock from side to side. Staying for at least five big inhales and exhales. Release and then give yourself a hug. Be thankful to yourself for taking a few moments to be present and be in touch with your body.