Fearless Fridays

Live Light Practice:

Open your heart and share the love. Use this Fearless Friday to tell someone you care about that you love them!


Twitter Yoga Book Club

I have some exciting news about the Yoga Book Club. Over the years it has been fun, but now it is time to allow people around the world join the discussion!

Now on a monthly basis you can join in and talk with us about the books we read.

Every month we’ll be inviting our @LizaLaird Twitter followers to join us in reading and discussing a book that explores topics in Eastern thought. Whether you practice yoga or are curious about books that cover topics on spirituality, philosophy, and psychology join us for the Twitter chat.

During the month we will periodically post on Twitter letting followers know where we are in the book and what we think so far. Then on the 4th Tuesday of each month we will be positing questions about the book and encourage you to share your thoughts and comments as well.

Be sure you use #YogaBookClub when you tweet.

This months book is True Refuge by Tara Brach. Throughout the month we’ll tweet about the book, but join us on Oct 22nd @ 3:30pm for questions and discussion. Be sure to add #YogaBookClub to your tweets to get in on the chat.




Mindful Monday


Live Live Practice:

Today try this mental health practice. Set an alarm on your phone for every two hours as a ‘mindful minute’. When the alarm sounds stop whatever you are doing to take a one minute break. Notice your breathing, how hunched over your computer you are, and maybe take a short walk.


Fearless Fridays

Live Light Practice:

If handstands or cartwheels scare you a little give them a try today! Be playful about it. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Use a wall, play on soft ground. Explore and see what happens!