Make it a Mindful Monday


Start your week in a mindful manner. Our thoughts can control our world, and by making mindful choices we can live with ease.

Being mindful is a conscious way of moving through life. When we are aware of our thoughts and the power they have we realize how much control we have over changing our own world.

Today as I was walking down the street in NYC I noticed I was clenching my jaw. I stopped for a moment to relax my jaw and take a deep breath. At that moment I began to smile, and I looked up to see another woman smile back at me. This simple and short blip in time brought me to the present moment and a sense of lightness. It can be this simple, it is just a matter of noticing when you are not present.

Live Light Practice:

Find a comfortable seat for two minutes. This seat can be in your living room or on the subway.

Close your eyes and focus on your inhales and exhales. Notice what thoughts come up. Where does your attention want to go? Can you bring your awareness to only your breathing for two minutes?

Once complete notice how different your mind, body, and breathing may feel.




Loving Kindness Meditation


Turned Upside Down














Inversions are healthy, great fun, and offer a new perspective on life. When is the last time you turned your life upside down and looked at things in a new way?

Sometimes it can be helpful to take a step back from things or even turn them upside down to fully understand them.



PS That photo is of my Dad and me doing handstands on Capri in Italy.


Self-Care is Critical

We are at our best when we take care of ourselves. If we let ourselves get run down and worn out we can hardly take care of ourselves let alone others. It only takes a few extra minutes out of your day to give a little extra attention to yourself.

Self-care can be anything from a nice long bath, getting a massage, to reading a good book. It can be any practice where the time is dedicated to you regenerating yourself.

Live Light Practice:

Give yourself an extra five minutes in the morning to enjoy a few more minutes in the shower or with your coffee. Savor the time to yourself.