Yoga in Italia









With the closest yoga studio more than an hour from where I am staying in Italy, I have had the pleasure of rediscovering my personal yoga practice. Daily, my husband and I have laid our mats on the balcony and explored our own yoga practices. We begin our sessions loosely based on the Mysore primary series. This gives us structure, a sequence, and the freedom not to teach but explore my own asanas, meditation and pranayama.

We also take time to play with our handstands. Often our egos drive us to hold them for longer or float up rather than jump. There are moments when I pause to remind myself of a quotation from Pattabhi Jois – “Do your practice and all is coming.”. If we practice and let go of the results, there is an ease to the postures rather than a tense grasping (and a big ego).

Letting go of the results can be challenging, but when you are able to, a freedom engenders in the practice. So I go ahead and keep up with my practice, trying to lift into handstand even if I’m not quite off the floor yet! Who knows when the day will come when I lift effortlessly rather than jump…so I keep in mind – “Do your practice and all is coming”.

Live Light Practice:

Practice daily. Let go of the results and stick to your practice.



Ciao Bella













Rabbit, rabbit and happy May! It is the first day of May and a wonderful time to set a new intention. April showers bring May flowers – what in your life would you like to see blossom this month?

This month I begin my Italian adventure, and I’m embracing the laid back style of life here. Last night as I enjoyed a prosecco in Campo di Fiori, I noticed how the Italians strolled slowly and never rushed. By contrast, the tourists like me walked speedily everywhere we went. Today I travel to the Amalfi coast and will continue to slow things down. Although driving in Italy is fast and chaotic, I will try to drive as if I’m on a languid evening stroll with no destination in mind. We’ll see how it goes!

Live Light Practice:

Set an intention for May. Write it down in a journal and check in with your intention daily or weekly to stay on track.




Go Someplace New

“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.” Dalai Lama

Travel is a wonderful time to experience new places, foods, people, and cultures. This November Pravassa and I are leading a vacation in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Thailand is a magical place, and I’m excited to see many new things this trip.

The journey begins in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, and continues in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai. Our daily practice of wellness through yoga, meditation and cultural exploration will increase strength and flexibility in your body, mind, spirit and soul fostering a new sense of self half way around the world. Open your heart and be welcomed with kindness by the friendly Thai people who would love to show you their Buddhist culture and way of life.

November 14-23, 2013

Questions? or +1 646 389 0208


Who Have You Become?











“It doesn’t matter who you used to be, what matters is who you’ve become.” – Robert Tew

Clinging to how things once were doesn’t give room for change or development. How can we grow if we are stuck on who we used to be?

In yoga classes I like to teach about tapas, a Sanskrit term that means ‘to burn’ or ‘to purify’. Through asanas (yoga postures) we let go of old habits and patterns so that we can take in life in a new way and not see life in the old way.

There are a few asanas (yoga postures) that I personally have convinced myself that I am not physically able to do them. If gomukasana (cow facing pose) comes up in class I already count myself out of it. I accept that my hands don’t touch in that pose. By determining my present experience by my past I am limiting myself. In a class I took recently my teacher assisted me in this pose and to my surprise my hands touched. In that moment I had let go of how I had done the pose in the past and was open to how it could be at that time. I let go of the old thought that I am not flexible and opened up to the idea that I am flexible.

If we don’t let go of our past habits, thoughts, and patterns we will always see the world in that way and not be open to new experiences. If we want to live a life with ease we need to be open to change how we see the world.

Embrace who you have become today.

Live Light Practice:

Set a timer for 5 minutes and find a comfortable seat on a chair or the floor. With your eyes closed and jaw soft repeat to yourself for the next 5 minutes “I release my past and allow for ease in my life.”